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Welcome to Wooley Sheep Creations

Home of Coopworth Romney Wensleydale Wool for Spinning and Crafts

Coopworth Romney Wensleydale mix The micron count of the wool ranges from 38-46 which is similar to the Leicester Long Wool, Wensleydale, Border Leicester, , and Romney breeds.

The wool is from gentle friendly, well loved sheep on a small ranch in the Oregon Coast Range. The sheep are of the Coopworth Romney breed., mixed with Wensleydale. The wool is about 1.0 lb of lovely natural grey/cream The wool is very pretty . The sheep are a joy to raise and work with. Wool from the sheep has been used to make hats that have won first and 2nd place ribbons at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Moonbeams Starlet is very sweet and friendly and loves to have her chin rubbed and her tummy and loves carrots for treats. She grows so much wool that she can barely see when she is in her full fleece..The wool is great for spinning or felting or craft projects. Breed information included in orders.

The Coopworth is a New Zealand Breed and a cross of the Border Leicester and Romney. The Border Leicester is an English sheep with long lustrous, curley wool. The Romney is an English breed with fine, long lustrous wool. They have excellent wool for spinning. They are quiet, friendly sheep and good mothers. The wool is washed before picking and carding and then put into spools for easy spinning. Thr Romney breed is from the Romney Marsh area of England. It is a low marshy reclaimed area and the sheep have hooves less prone to wet weather diseases. The fleece of the Romney does not tend to part along their backs and they do well in wet weather, such as Oregon. The Wensleydale is from England and has a very heavy and lustrous fleece. The Wensleydales were first imported to the U.S. in 1999.